BLEED 數位現場雙年展 (a biennial live event in the everyday digital) 是一項為期六年的計畫,探索我們對線上文化的感受。在線下與線上展出,讓你可以探訪、觀看、聆聽與閱讀我們對網路上與現實生活中身分所產生的陌生感。2022年,我們思辨「邊界」所帶來的能動性及問題意識,探索人類、科技、媒體、歷史與國家內部、外部及其之間的交界狀態,也包含我們在情感上、生理上以及數位上的地緣性。八月29日至九月25日,BLEED於三個城市,在線上以及實體空間盛大展出。

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A netted mind-map made with nodes and lines, marking the records of contact between Taiwan and its surroundings since the 17th century, from natural resource extraction under colonial policies to propaganda films under militarism, the lines between the nodes connect the relationship between different worlds. 一張透過線與節點連接成網的心智圖表,上面的節點標記著著自17世紀以來台灣島嶼與周邊的接觸紀錄,從殖民政策下的自然資源開採到軍國主義下的宣傳電影,節點之間的線,連接著不同世界之間的關聯。


three dancing figures appear on a background of Chromakey green with a snow covered mountain between them and the title of the work Running Machine written in Japanese Kanji

Yuiko Masukawa, Sam Mcgilp, Harrison Hall, Makoto Uemura and Kazuhiko Hiwa

Background image of orange and grey clouds during a stormy sunset overlaid with lens flares. Floating in the foreground is a reflective, textured blue and turquoise elongated arch.

Jodie Whalen

two women in black hat and sunglasses, as well as holding microphones.


A gradient blue background behind bold white text that reads room2 with a flashing square cursor that is flickering in and out.

Patrick Hase 和 Anuraag Bhatia

a 3D model of wedge tail eagle on a grey background.

Dean Cross

a dark room with a big screen in black and white with a burning sphere in the middle


A blue-green and orange background to bright blue contour lines showing the text of the project title in Gagana Tokelau, Vosa vakaviti and Cantonese

Studio Kiin

Glowing white text with the lyrics “在哪里” (which translates to “where” or literally “at what place?”) from Teresa Teng’s song 甜蜜蜜 (Sweet On You) on a gradient, glowing pink and blue background.

Sap 濕
Chun Yin Rainbow Chan 陳雋然

Acknowledgement of Country
Arts House, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Taipei Performing Arts Center, and Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands we work on, the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung, Dharawal, and Ketagalan peoples. We extend our respects to their Elders past, present and future while respecting the vast Traditional Owners Nations our digital platforms reach. We extend this acknowledgment to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and Austronesian artists, audiences and communities, and First Nations peoples globally.
墨爾本藝術之家、坎貝爾敦藝術中心、臺北表演藝術中心及台北當代藝術館向我們土地上的第一民族暨傳統所有人致上敬意,包括烏倫杰里族(Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung)、塔爾瓦斯族(Dharawal)、凱達格蘭族(Ketagalan)及其眾支系。因著BLEED數位介面所將廣泛觸及的各種傳統民族與土地, 我們尊榮各地過去、現在及未來的祖先與耆老。我們更將這份對台灣與澳洲原住民族、托雷斯海峽群島民族及南島民族的藝術家、觀眾與社群的致意延展至全球各傳統領地與第一民族。